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0000022HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2009-07-25 00:03
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Summary0000022: Broken link in the mylist info box on any anime page with default lang not Romaji
DescriptionThe link to the right page of your own mylist in the mylist info box on any anime page dun work if you don't use Romaji as default title language.
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I just deleted a file from "Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex". AniDB then took me to my mylist (as usual) to show me which files I have.

It took me to the letter "K" - which would be right, if I had GitS - SAC listed under the original title, "Koukaku Kidoutai STAND ALONE COMPLEX", which I don't. I then clicked the link for the letter "G" and there I was given what I looked for, with the "GitS SAC"-tree already expanded.


has duplicate 0000647 closed &char=x part of the link to mylist from animepage should respect language preferences or be removed 
has duplicate 0000854 closed some mylist records do not show up 



2004-12-02 20:17

administrator   ~0000020

known problem.
however, at least for language=kanji this can't be fixed easily.
don't expect to see a fix soon.



2005-03-04 08:56

reporter   ~0000290

Last edited: 2005-03-04 08:59

I think you need a "japanese sorting" column for this to work. Every japanese anime listing I've seen just uses the katakana/hiragana "alphabet" (A-I-U-E-O-KA-KI-KU-KE-KO and so on ...) with non-japanese names first transcribed into this and sorted alongside all the other names (thus, "DearS" is sorted among the other "DE" anime because its transcription starts with a "DE" and a small "I", "KURAU" is sorted alongside the other anime starting with "KU" and so on).

There are less than 80 different possible kana (a few over 80 with the small variants of A, I, U, E, O, YA, YU, YO and TSU). If you need them for sorting and nothing else (and can put up with decoding/encoding them for display and entry), you can just use a byte for each and use a simple non-charset-aware string sorting to get correct japanese sorting.

EDIT: fscking tracker can't fscking display the fscking japanese kana. Sorry for my French.


2005-03-04 22:43

reporter   ~0000291

As katakana, hiragana, roman and kanji scripts are treated the same, and letters with dakuten or handakuten are grouped with those without, collation in japanese generally has 45 indices rather than 80 or more.
This isn't something exp could code himself though, he'd need some kind of bolt on code to handle japanese searching/sorting properly.



2005-03-04 23:06

reporter   ~0000292

This could be fixed for english though... 8)


2005-03-05 09:34

reporter   ~0000293

Give me the target (programming) language and I'll write the collation routines. Hell, I'll write a perl-accessible C library for that if speed is an issue.


2005-03-06 09:35

administrator   ~0000294

I use SQL ORDER BY statements to sort the anime titles.
Non-Ascii titles are currently stored in their html-escaped form, which would make correct sorting near to impossible I'd guess :|

In the long run this could probably be fixed by completly moving to unicode UTF8 encoding in the db, in the perl cgis, the cron jobs, the irc bots and the apis.
I've looked into that about a year ago once and had quite some compatibility issues. But I'll probably try it again once we've had the time to update the base software (perl, libs, ...) on the server anidb is hosted on.

Until then I don't think there is any viable way to fix it.


2005-03-07 08:28

reporter   ~0000296

The point is that NO encoding won't help you in sorting the japanese titles, simply because the Japanese way is to sort by the pronunciation of the titles (as transcribed into kana, where necessary). You absolutely need a "sorting" column for that in addition to the "displayed title" column we already have. The former doesn't need to be in any particular encoding.


2007-05-08 06:23

reporter   ~0001251

two years old and still unresolved? maybe instead of trying to make sorting work correctly for any default language just modify expand=xxxx so in wont show all the titles before this one on a single page and drop char=x part from the link?


2007-12-29 08:29

administrator   ~0001574

hehe, we should probably look at this again, yeah }:o)


2009-07-25 00:03

administrator   ~0002882

that seems fixed to me

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