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0003315: [Feature Request - Interface] Resources: on show=anime, in the info block hide YouTube links for T eps with a "Trailers" button (DerIdiot)
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Not Yet Released
0002767: [Bug Report - Interface] bbcode editor: quotes missing for named quote and spoiler blocks (DerIdiot)
0003122: [Bug Report - Interface] Quicksearch: Suggestions for song searches don't appear (DerIdiot)
0003287: [Bug Report - Interface] Favourites/Votes: Can't select options from select; also invisible lightbox [Mobile] (DerIdiot)
0003284: [Bug Report - Interface] Quick Search: clicking on a suggested result loads the result above it instead (DerIdiot)
0003248: [Bug Report - Interface] Spoiler tags: nested spoilers accumulate garbage text in the spoiler button when clicked (DerIdiot)
0003225: [Bug Report - Interface] Filelist: Language/Blacklist/Deprecation Filter fail when multiple are expanded (DerIdiot)
0003240: [Bug Report - Interface] File massadd: Saving too many file templates breaks the website completely until the related cookie is cleared (DerIdiot)
0003034: [Feature Request - Interface] BBCode: add Youtube url parsing for bbcode button (DerIdiot)
0003234: [Bug Report - Interface] BBCode: parses special characters into HTML Character Escape (DerIdiot)
0003235: [Bug Report - Interface] BBcode: the quote tag's input of author name is a rich text input field rather than a plain text (DerIdiot)
0003272: [Bug Report - Interface] BBcode editor: input field for spoiler descriptions does not converted pasted content into plain text (DerIdiot)
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Not Yet Released
0003257: [Bug Report - Interface] Anime: Info popup links on staff listing go missing once a credit block is output (DerIdiot)
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Released 2018-08-31
0002346: [Bug Report - Interface] Mass add/edit episodes: date field cannot parse Japanese date format of ####年##月##日 (DerIdiot)
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Not Yet Released
0003289: [Feature Request - Interface] Files: icons for actions and general overhaul to be more in line with general layout (DerIdiot)
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Released 2018-08-31
0003264: [Bug Report - Interface] Search box is missing in Harustyle (DerIdiot)
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0003088: [Bug Report - Interface] Resources: YouTube links in show=anime info block not in episode order (DerIdiot)
0003323: [Feature Request - Database] Resources: new type for Baidu Baike (DerIdiot)
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0003306: [Bug Report] A seiyuu-character relation can't be changed from textcharacter-seiyuu to character-seiyuu. (DerIdiot)
0003007: [Feature Request - Interface] Admin Searchassist: add pagination and sorting (DerIdiot)
0003302: [Feature Request - Interface] Search Assist: integrate into regular titles and make it more public (DerIdiot)
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0003119: [Feature Request - Interface] Creq: Make it easier for maintainers to assign themselves to a creq (DerIdiot)
0003271: [Feature Request - Interface] Creq and entry annotations: make them visible and editable to any user that has creq rights on that table (DerIdiot)
0003286: [Feature Request - Interface] Creq: send any drafted messages when force revoke is clicked (DerIdiot)
0003288: [Bug Report - Database] Admin Log: Filtering by date returns an ISE (DerIdiot)
0003285: [Bug Report - Interface] Ep massedit: open comment creq inconsistently blocking AJAX actions on the ep massedit tool (DerIdiot)
0003131: [Bug Report - Interface] Anime: Button "Show files for this release" misses Anime id in certain situations (DerIdiot)
0003151: [Bug Report - Interface] Addcharanimerel: "Deleted" tab repeats charanimereltb entry multiple removals with same char and anime (DerIdiot)
0003214: [Bug Report - Interface] Unable to add short subtitle files (DerIdiot)
0003164: [Bug Report - Interface] PM: Opening an already read PM bumps the read timestamp (DerIdiot)
0003242: [Bug Report - Interface] Inconsistency when adding resource to creator (DerIdiot)
0002940: [Feature Request - Interface] Quicksearch: Seemingly random order of resuls (DerIdiot)
0003276: [Feature Request] Group: Show Resources of Parent Group on Child Group (DerIdiot)
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0003275: [Feature Request - Interface] Mass Add Hardsubs to reelease (mods only) (DerIdiot)
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0003212: [Feature Request - Database] Tag names: add another title type that is always hidden (DerIdiot)
0003239: [Bug Report - Misc] Relation graph: anime links always point to http protocol (DerIdiot)
0003259: [Feature Request - Interface] Episode Mass Add/Edit: Implement import from syoboi (DerIdiot)
0003258: [Feature Request - Database] Epsiodes: implement tv airdates from syoboi (DerIdiot)
0003253: [Bug Report - Interface] Search: Tag Tree has randomly some of the options set already even though the user did not set them himself (DerIdiot)
0003247: [Bug Report] My List: missing tiebreaker when sorting (DerIdiot)
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Released 2018-08-31
0002816: [Bug Report] Massadd Episodes: system ignores "perfect" entries on massadd/edit titles upon one "imperfect" title (DerIdiot)
0003128: [Feature Request] Massadd Episodes: reordering episodes for normal users (DerIdiot)
0003202: [Bug Report - Interface] Massadd Episodes: order of language select is random (DerIdiot)
0003246: [Feature Request - Database] Resources: Add Amazon Prime (DerIdiot)
0003233: [Bug Report - Interface] MyNotifications: massupdates only update every 2nd entry (DerIdiot)
0003244: [Feature Request - Interface] Filter: add filter for buddy mylist state (DerIdiot)
0003238: [Bug Report - Interface] MyList: Line breaks in notes turn into
0002995: [Bug Report] Creq: line breaks on creq edit comments turn into textual HTML br tags. (DerIdiot)
0003220: [Feature Request - Interface] Resources: change some more resources to HTTPS (DerIdiot)
0003241: [Bug Report - Interface] Creq: Incorrect related entry link for episode creqs created through the new episode massadd in listings (DerIdiot)
0001865: [Bug Report - Database] Massadd Episodes Mass language change for titles (DerIdiot)
0001810: [Feature Request - Misc] Massadd Episodes Error on Page gives Unhelpful Error Message (DerIdiot)
0001452: [Feature Request - Interface] Massadd Episodes add creqcomment field (DerIdiot)
0001809: [Bug Report - Interface] Massadd Episodes trying to add a new ep before the last ep in the related ep type crash anidb (DerIdiot)
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