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0002940HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2018-12-04 17:11
ReporterSoulweaver Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2019-01 
Summary0002940: Quicksearch: Seemingly random order of resuls
DescriptionWhen searching for entities with the search bar that is visible on all pages, the suggestions that come up are simply the first (up to) ten matching results alphabetically. However, I would find it useful if any exact (except letter case obviously) matches were found, they would be shown on the suggestion list before the other entries. This would save an unnecessary trip to the search results page in those cases where the desired result doesn't fit and isn't displayed at all.

Example case:
- Select "anime" as the entity type, write in "pocket monsters"
- The first ten results are all saturated with the franchise's movie entries (since "Gekijouban" comes before P). I need to go through the search results page to get to (main title "Pocket Monsters").


related to 0002971 closedDerIdiot AJAX/JS Quicksearch: short title does not prompt some anime to appear in suggestion 



2017-07-01 22:51

administrator   ~0004046

i take it you are talking of the ajax quicksearch?


2017-07-01 23:08

reporter   ~0004047

That sounds like the same thing I had in mind, so yes.

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