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0002971AJAX/JSBug Report - Interfacepublic2018-12-04 17:04
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Summary0002971: Quicksearch: short title does not prompt some anime to appear in suggestion
DescriptionIf you type "fmab", the suggestion will show the 2011 movie but not the 2009 series. The TV series has English short title "FMAB" and the movie has English short title "FMAB Movie".


duplicate of 0002679 resolvedDerIdiot AJAX/JS Quicksearch: does not show all results for shortnames 
related to 0002940 resolvedDerIdiot HTML & PERL Quicksearch: Seemingly random order of resuls 
has duplicate 0003062 closedCDB-Man AJAX/JS Search: search bar dropdown results for anime don't include short titles 



2017-08-04 01:43

reporter   ~0004074

I hate mention MAL, but when you search SHIKI there, search shows up SHIKI anime entries nicely. However on AniDB, searching SHIKI will bring up any entries matching anything before and after the word *SHIKI*. It's seems unrated to this bug but I wanted to mention it.


2017-08-04 03:19

reporter   ~0004075

That Shiki thing is not a bug. You may be interested in knowing that searching for "Corpse Demon" lands you straight on the correct anime entry, though.

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