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0001865HTML & PERLBug Report - Databasepublic2018-08-20 13:16
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Summary0001865: Massadd Episodes Mass language change for titles
DescriptionA while ago, i requested that Latin American Spanish should be added as a language for titles and such things (issue 1640). Now that we have that language, there is now a interesting situation: change lots and lots of titles that were filed as Spanish, but known to be in the Latin American dialect.

For example, this:
The current existing Spanish episode titles (26 in total) are actually from the Latin American version (i know since i actually added these :). Now, it's a pain in the butt to manually change the language for every single episode manually, so it would be useful to have a feature that allow to do a "mass language change" when editing titles.
Steps To ReproduceA simple test case:

- Go to any anime that has a big number of episodes
- Try to change the language for all of the titles for a given language at the same time. You can't, you have to set language for one episode at once.
Additional InformationThe usefulness of such feature could be rather limited, but given that we have this unique situation (Castillan Spanish vs. LA Spanish), and there are lots of "misplaced" titles with the wrong language dialect set, it will help to fix them much faster.
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