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0002816HTML & PERLBug Reportpublic2019-08-08 16:27
Reporterbenu Assigned ToDerIdiot  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2018-09 
Summary0002816: Massadd Episodes: system ignores "perfect" entries on massadd/edit titles upon one "imperfect" title
DescriptionCan you have massadd/edit accept good entries and not blocking their addition due to screwing up in one field, please?

Reproduction steps should explain the issue
Steps To Reproduceopen anime page
add/edit episodes
scroll to bottom and add x titles to all (or whatever)
add 100 transcriptions and make one tiny mistake
get a rage attack upon receiving a message like "6 - japanese (transcription) titles may only contain printable 7-bit ASCII characters. (eid=113716)" and finding that your 99 perfect transcriptions were ignored by the system because you may have typed ° instead of !
Additional Informationcan create a ragemonster
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has duplicate 0001358 closedDerIdiot AJAX/JS Massadd Episodes bad byte code for the japanese transcriptions 



2017-02-18 20:50

reporter   ~0003978

This isn't a direct address to the issue described, but you may be interested in knowing there is an extension for Firefox and its derivatives called Lazarus, which saves and can recover your forms. It can be a godsend when you waste half hour on a job and the website throws an error at your face; at the very least, it'll stop the creation of the rage monster. ;) If you use something not Firefox-based (Chrome-based or whatever), there may be equivalents, too.


2018-08-15 16:21

administrator   ~0004262

by seperating episode and title editing we reduce the likelyness of this already significantly. furthermore the new form allows for inserting a large batch of titles and then having that parsed and added/edited like we do with credits.


2018-08-20 12:36

administrator   ~0004263

1. edits happen isolated now
2. for english and japanese transcription titles i added html5 pattern attributes so they show issues before commiting already. usually by a red border around the titles
3. worst case you can always just commit only what you want by just supplying the content you want to edit.

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