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0001088SigServerFeature Requestpublic2016-09-03 12:14
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Summary0001088: Adding some Text effects
DescriptionIt would be greate if some text effects were available,
something like shadowing or highlighting.

Those effects would improve readability alot
without having to draw a rectangle surrounding it.

Usage could be something like how its done with the map & img tag:

<effect id="hl" type="highlight" alpha="50" color="ff0000" size="1">
<text useeffect="hl"><line>Effect</line></text>

which would do something like:

  <text position="{{10 + 1}}x{{10 }}"><line color="#0000ff">Effect</line></text>
  <text position="{{10 - 1}}x{{10 }}"><line color="#0000ff">Effect</line></text>
  <text position="{{10 }}x{{10 - 1}}"><line color="#0000ff">Effect</line></text>
  <text position="{{10 }}x{{10 + 1}}"><line color="#0000ff">Effect</line></text>
  <text position="{{10 }}x{{10 }}"><line color="#ffffff">Effect</line></text>
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