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0001270AniDB UDP APIBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-09-03 12:14
ReporterDvdKhl Assigned ToOmmina  
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Summary0001270: Wrong (udp) client usage statistics
DescriptionOn the page the "first time usage" is (sometimes?) wrong.

Some entries show the year 04 for first usage which can't be correct,
since the client is only (apprx) 5 month old.
Also there are some entries which show more than 10k logins.

aniadd (ID: 153)
anitracker (ID: 97)

(Minor OmmiEdit)
Additional InformationAsk in IRC channel (Arokh || DvdKhl)
Tagsclient, statistic, UDP



2008-09-27 17:51

reporter   ~0002336

mhh didn't know ~# is a command in here.
*5 month old

Are issue reports editable?
I didn't find the button/link if they are.


2008-10-13 09:22

administrator   ~0002360

This is a symptom of the current practice of only storing the most recently used client for each user -- the same thing that makes users appear and vanish from the user list. As a result, the "first used" date becomes the date the user used -any- client, not just aniadd or anitracker.

I'll need to research the possibility of storing a complete user list per client.


2008-10-20 21:18

reporter   ~0002378

That would be great, Ommina. It would be interesting to have this kind of statistics available.


2008-10-21 19:20

reporter   ~0002385

> Are issue reports editable?
Only by tracker moderators.

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