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0001399HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2009-01-29 17:28
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Summary0001399: tag-style cats: a new approach to displaying categories
DescriptionSince DerIdiot made tags from a completely useless feature to a tard-favourite past-time event (and because it's impossible to miss them on a non-js page unless one disabled it), categories have been overshadowed, proof of that is the duplication of categories within tags. Categories should, however, be the primary indicator for the theme of the anime, thus more important. So here's what I thought might be a good solution:

Merge categories with tags. By merge I don't mean merge the 2 systems, but merge the display area for them, the tab "Tags" would be renamed to "Categories/Tags" and it'd show them within the same box, but not mixed up. The box would be split in 2, categories on top and tags on bottom. How they'd be displayed is open for discussion if anyone has better ideas.
The 2nd benefit of displaying categories this way is that cats with rating below 2 stars can then be displayed on the anime entry page, but, the font size would be smaller for them. So now coming to the final point, which is the styling of categories based on the weight given to them, just like with tags that get bigger fonts and bold letters when they're voted up. There's a slight problem with this - categories that obviously often get full 3 stars but are not really that indicative of the show, like for example setting::place and setting::time. Then again, setting::time is quite important and some setting::place cats like fantasy world or space. The only other category tree that isn't that important is Original Work. Perhaps original work and setting::place::earth::* would get smaller fonts than other categories with the same weight?

The aftermath of this would hopefully be more active addition/editing of categories.
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