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0001785HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-09-03 12:14
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Summary0001785: Make review comments visible to everybody.
DescriptionAs stated, comments made on reviews should be visible to anybody, not just the reviewer himself. Currently there is a good number of people who write those in fact under the impression they are visible.

This could or rather should be bundled with the ability to report review comments for everybody, which is not possible currently, not even for the writer of the review himself.

And the reviews and comments should be linked through the forum. Perhaps even with the ability to post comments (+rating) directly there?

All in all I'd hope that would make the whole system more transparent and animate more people to take part in.
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2010-03-19 15:40


anidb_review_show_comments.png (62,685 bytes)   
anidb_review_show_comments.png (62,685 bytes)   


2010-03-19 15:42

reporter   ~0003088

Reviews as an own sub-forum in the general anidb forum and a link to the review forum from each anime's forum:


2014-09-27 05:58

manager   ~0003459

For reference:


2014-09-27 23:34

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partly done; i shall wait and see how many people cry because their secret review comments are shown first before proceeding.

probably going to simplify the voting to like/dislike again. that was a silly idea to allow a full range...

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