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0001972HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2016-12-15 04:52
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Summary0001972: Store edit comments on entry creation
DescriptionWhen adding new entries for which mod approval is not required (for eg, collections), an "Edit comment" field is provided, as for any creq. Any data entered in this field, however, is lost. It would be nice to be able to have these annotations retained.

Basically, I'm wondering if it's possible to have a "show" action for ADD/CREATED creqs to enable viewing of the initial raw data. If that's not possible, another option would be to have an ADD/GRANTED stage even for ADDs that don't explicitly need a mod to approve/grant them.
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2012-08-13 21:09

reporter   ~0003299

In case you care, I've been using editing back and forth as a workaround, or sometimes adding with wrong/incomplete data and subsequently editing to the correct/complete data, as one of the ways to add such notes. It's cumbersome, but it works.

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