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0002049AniDB HTTP APIBug Reportpublic2017-06-08 19:15
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Summary0002049: Retrieve songs information through the http API
DescriptionThe http Api is great to get some basic info on an anime, but many piece of information available on the website is not available through the API.

Anidb contains comprehensive information about anime-related songs and artist, why not allow access to this data through the API ?
I'm sure many tools currently using the http interface would appreciate this extra bit of info.

The reason I'm requesting this, is because, I'm currently working on a karaoke project where I have a bunch songs (mainly opening and ending) named with the title of the anime they belong to.
For a given anime opening/ending, I need for every sont to automatically get the song name (in both romaji and japanese), the episodes in which the song is used, and artists.

Most of what I need is available in the songs tab of the anime details page of the website, why not implement a way to get this bit of info through the API ?

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2017-06-08 19:15

reporter   ~0004029

This would be really useful for us at VocaDB as well. We're currently linking to AniDB for all anime songs, but we would like to show some extended song information, if there was an API for that.

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