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0002232ReportsFeature Request - Miscpublic2017-01-02 12:10
ReporterCDB-Man Assigned ToDerIdiot  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0002232: Updated reports for tags
Description7[18:48:11] CDB-Man: worf:  <-- do we have a report for anime missing character entries (excluding text seiyuu)?
7[18:48:24] CDB-Man: also for missing episode range
7[18:53:52] CDB-Man: if you want a tracker entry for those reports i can make one, worf
8[19:00:01] !worf: those tag reports you linked are outdated, CDB-Man
8[19:00:34] !worf: any yes, if you want reports add a request on the tracker
8[19:01:01] !worf: no idea when i'll get around to them though ... probably not before end of march, if ever
7[19:05:00] CDB-Man: 8[19:00:01] !worf: those tag reports you linked are outdated, CDB-Man  <-- well then..... ill include those as well...
8[19:18:38] !worf: there are a lot of tag-related reports that are broken, because they are still using the old tag system
8[19:19:49] *DerIdiot: just remove them all
8[19:19:58] *DerIdiot: 99% of them don't need to be rewritten
8[19:20:25] !worf: i'll look at them at some point
8[19:20:37] !worf: i've been fixing them as i want/need to use them
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