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0002242HTML & PERLFeature Request - Miscpublic2016-10-17 14:58
ReporterHinoe Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2016-11 
Summary0002242: Tweaks to internal (mod-only) creq notes
DescriptionIf you're the creq owner, or if you're creq handler, you can read the mod-only notes. As creq handler, you can also add them; creq owners, however, can only read them. In either case, do you not ever receive creq message PMs for any such note added to the creq. Furthermore, unlike actual creq messages, adding those notes does not subscribe you to them. That sort of behavior is counter-intuitive and may lead to communication issues among staff. I propose three points which would bring the behavior closer to what would be expected.

Request #1: allow non-handlers who are creq owners (i.e. got creq the creq assigned) to also add such messages.
Request #2: make such notes generate creq message PMs to all who can read them (owners, handlers/verifiers, mod+).
Request 0000003: make adding a note subscribe you to the creq.

A final note: from what I tested, it appears that language verifiers see the exact same behavior as creq handlers on this regard. Apparently, the same holds for mod+ ranks, though I cannot confirm that.
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2016-02-28 15:28

administrator   ~0003713

Last edited: 2016-02-28 15:28

*1 done
*2 makes no sense and will not happen
*3 is very hard to do right now


2016-03-01 04:11

reporter   ~0003718

Last edited: 2016-03-01 04:45

Edit: disregard the previous version of this message, I suck co--- uh, anyway... I think see why you think point 2 doesn't make sense, and if I'm right, the issue lies not with the sense or lack thereof of what I wanted, but with how I worded it. Go, me.

I meant to ask for the PM to be generated for those who can see the mod notes and ALREADY RECEIVE THEM for the regular messages, which is to say: current creq owner, and, from the following groups, those who replied to the creq: mods and above, handlers, and verifiers (as applicable to the creq in question). In short, the behavior would be the same as that of the PM for regular creq messages, except with an added check for "can this person read the mod note".

So only mods/handlers/blah (let's just say "mods" for simplicity's sake) "subscribed" to the creq would be notified; I didn't mean that to apply to _every_ mod regardless of their involvement. After thinking this over in the back of my head for a while, the possibility of reading it that way became apparent. And yes, messaging every mod would be a completely silly idea. I suppose I need to work on the clarity of my requests...


2016-10-17 14:58

administrator   ~0003890

*1 done
*2 done
*3 is just not doable without changing fundamentally how creq notifies work, because checking if another user has a certain level would require a major rewrite. mods and owner receive the reply. creq handler don't and that will not change for the forseeable future

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