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0002310HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-09-06 09:15
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Summary0002310: Include guises in char-char rel table
DescriptionCurrently, char-char rel tables ignore guises entirely, which can impair their functionality a fair bit in some cases.

Please add guises to the table, at least as an option, both for "only directly related characters" and *especially* for "all related characters". A fake "<- guises ->" relation is suggested for display purposes.
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2016-09-06 09:13

reporter   ~0003837

For the "only directly related characters" table, I think *all* guises should be displayed, including those that aren't directly linked, because that's just how guises work (if A is a guise of B, setting C's parent to either A or B works the same, and setting A as a guise of B or B as a guise of A is also the same). So, if A is a guise of B, and B is a guise of C, and D and E are both guises of C, A's "only directly related characters" table would have:

A <- guises -> B
A <- guises -> C
A <- guises -> D
A <- guises -> E

It's probably pointless spidering to do that for the "all related characters" table, though, which should just show:

A <- guises -> B
B <- guises -> C
C <- guises -> D
C <- guises -> E

For display purposes on the "only directly related characters" table, the actual character whose relations you're looking at should probably be on the left. On the "all related characters" table, I'm not so sure, but I guess having the parentid char one one side (left?) and the char that has its parentid set on the other makes sense (i.e. if M's parentid is N's charid, N would be on the left, and M on the right).


2016-09-06 09:15

reporter   ~0003838

And where it reads:

"if A is a guise of B, and B is a guise of C, and D and E are both guises of C"

I actually meant:

"if B is a guise of A, and C is a guise of B, and D and E are both guises of C"

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