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0002374HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2016-09-09 22:15
ReporterHinoe Assigned ToDerIdiot  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2016-10 
Summary0002374: Pagination for mod latest
DescriptionI'd like mod latest to go further than "single page", kind of like we can do with mydb.
Additional InformationIn the past, I asked for creqhist to be bigger, since I kept seeing information get kicked out too fast due to massedits; with this feature, I wouldn't have a problem with each individual page not being as big as today, which might actually be an overall improvement in terms of resources for servers and browsers alike (in comparison with today, that is).

I'm not sure which sort of limit should be set on the page count, but imo it should be "quite large" for adv users and above (possibly "all" for mod+ and in combination with the proper secondary roles), and some arbitrary reasonable number for users and below. Up to you, though; just an idea.
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related to 0002373 resolvedDerIdiot Creqhist: Filter per table 


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