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0002426HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2016-10-16 18:19
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Summary0002426: Quickadd: Option to select "last seen episode" default
DescriptionI mostly watch my anime streamed, so I'm delighted to see that the "Have you seen this anime?" selection at the bottom finally uses my default selection from settings and goes to "streamed" directly. for that.

But since I'm a lazy bugger, here's another feature request for that:
How about you pre-select the latest available or most recently aired episode number instead of the total count of episodes added? Right now it only uses the total (added) episode count, regardless of whether those have actually aired or whether their air date is in the future.

Example: An anime that's added with 12 episodes has just aired their 7th episode an hour ago. Old behaviour is to fill the field with "12". With the new option, it should be "7" (or perhaps "6" if time-zone settings mess with the detection - sometimes the episode has a different native date than the local date is, for late-night shows for example - obviously, "7" would be preferable in such cases).

Another one: I just picked up an anime with 26 episodes that aired 3 years ago by buying the DVDs at the store. Preselection will be "26" with "streamed" (since thats the most recently aired one, and my default media setting). For those, no real change in behavior should happen since the last air date lies in the past; although lazy me still has to change the media from "streamed" to "on dvd", since you cannot read my mind yet.

And another one: I watched episodes 1-17 of a 24 episode anime, and set those to watched. When I come back, the most likely "I just watched this" episode is 18, which could be pre-selected as first non-watched episode.

This could (or perhaps should) be a setting somewhere around "Base entries" > "Anime Page - Add to Mylist Defaults", since its related to "Default generic file state".
Options might include "Total episode count" (as it is now), "First episode not watched" and "Last aired episode".
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