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0002479HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-09-10 02:49
Reporterrazzmudge Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Platformgeneric windows pcOSXP ProOS VersionVersion 2002
Fixed in Version2016-10 
Summary0002479: Some filetypes selections missing on type drop-down when manually adding generic files
DescriptionWhen manually adding generic files for anime watched on sites as Crunchyroll or Funimation, I no longer can choose a "type" of "streamed".
Actually the generic files types should be "self-ripped", "on VHS", "on tv", "on dvd", "streamed", "in theaters", "on Blu-ray" and "other".
These values used to be there but appeared to go away sometime around the last major Anidb release.
Instead of the generic file types, what does appear are type values for "normal" files: "normal/original", "normal/original", "other", and "self-edited".

What I have been doing is adding the generic file using one of the "normal file" types.
I then go back and select the added file and select "edit mylist entry".
When the "type" drop-down list is selected it now populates the values for "generic" files.
I then modify the file type and update. This is an extra step I didn't have to do until the bug.

Not an earth-shattering bug, but one that would be nice to correct in the future.
Steps To ReproduceSelect an anime
Select a new anime episode.
Select "generic" as the group
The "Add selected files to mylist" dialog appears.
The "type" drop-down only offers files types for "normal" files, not "generic"
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2016-04-28 12:03

reporter   ~0003757

Just noticed the following feature under the "episodes" section:

"Have you seen this anime? Yes, Up Through Episode x"

I see this provides a shorthand way to tag episodes as "streamed", among others.

Would not have filed this bug report if I had noticed this before. Sorry!

I'll leave it to the Anidb support team to decide if whether to pursue the original bug report. Thanks....


2016-05-10 20:13

administrator   ~0003764

added which way anyway? you never mention where you try to add generic fiels using what way.


2016-05-12 00:38



2016-05-12 00:39


new_method.jpg (302,266 bytes)


2016-05-12 00:47

reporter   ~0003765


To help explain, I've added two screen captures:
#1 - "original_reported_problem.jpg" shows where I'm selecting a specific generic file and its type drop-down does not provide "generic" options.
#2 - "new_method.jpg" is the method I mentioned in my first note (0003757), where I use the "Have you seen this anime? Yes, Up Through Episode x" option.
This latter method always adds as the episodes as "generic" once I select "streamed" as the type.

By the way, thanks for all your hard work maintaining this site!


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