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0002603HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-09-19 11:35
ReporterDeth93 Assigned ToDerIdiot  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2016-10 
Summary0002603: Unable to mass update the file type of old, pre-update generic files.
DescriptionFor generic files that were in list before recent update, it's impossible, for me at least, to change the file type - everything else seems to be working as far as I can see (storage, watch state, comments, etc.)

Methods that didn't work:
- Updating manually one by one.
- Mass updating with either of possible combos:
-- Select all + General > edit (more options)
-- Select generic files + Change file type to <any>

It remains as "file type: other"

With newly added files, it's only possible to update files individually by setting the different file type to each. Other methods are buggy.
Steps To ReproduceNothing much to mention here.
1. Go to MyList and find the anime entry with generic files that were added prior to recent update.
2. Try updating the file type and the bug should appear.
Additional InformationIn case it's needed, in my list, that's Shokugeki no Souma. Can't change file type in it all.

As for the new generic files, whatever I add incorrectly willingly thorough anime page will do. After I try to mass update it from MyList, it won't work. If I do it manually, file by file, it'll work.

Noticed, though, that there's no "Change file type to ignore". Might be related?
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2016-09-17 22:47

administrator   ~0003847

can't reproduce. works perfectly fine for me


2016-09-18 09:16

reporter   ~0003849

I believe so as well, now that you said it. Not sure what caused it to break.
Still, there's no way to set the Generic Type to "ignore" in mass update.

End result would be getting rid of the "other" image:


2016-09-18 18:59

administrator   ~0003850

set it to ignore? wat? you have to pick a filestate. be it one of the genric ones or of the normal ones (it's the same field in the end) but you _have_ to pick one.


2016-09-18 20:03

reporter   ~0003851

File State, yes - I was talking about File Type / Generic File Type.
Before the update, for the anime that I didn't keep the files of, I used the File State "Deleted" and File Type "normal/original" to get rid of the above mentioned icon. This is how it would look after that: (Never mind the comment icon.)

To put it simple:
This is how one of the older entries look like:
This is how I'd like to make it look like:

As of now, I really don't know how to make it that way other than editing each file, one by one.
Meaning, to make this one:
look like this one:
I have to click on Edit button, and select either "ignore" or "normal/original", for Type, and "ignore", for Generic Type.


Readd the anime through anime page, with above mentioned settings as well.

For first method, there's no way of mass updating the generic files as far as I can tell.
Hopefully, this will be enough to explain the issue and I apologize for the inconvenience in advance.


2016-09-19 02:38

administrator   ~0003853

ok now i understand and can reproduce your issue.

i looked at the code and these specific 2 bits weren't changed by me and existed from the olden times. it would discard the changes if it was used for generic files. which sia bit silly imho. i guess the assumption back then was that generic files would only be used to state that you watched something in non file form. though imho there is the second usecase for generic files where one just doesn't give a crap about the specific group or imported it from mal. in which case the file exists/existed and the user wants to keep track of that. hence removing that restriction is sensible. the rest of the interface acts in that fashion already.


2016-09-19 11:07

reporter   ~0003854

I see. It surely was weird for me that it stopped working the way it used to. Though again, I thought it might be similar with my "collecting/complete" state issue I had few months back when I misinterpreted what each option does.

So... In the end, will it be possible to make implement option to ignore generic file type from the list? Not that it's really important - personally, I just like to keep things simple and as organized as possible using site's features to its fullest.

Thanks for taking time to look into issue, regardless.


2016-09-19 11:32

administrator   ~0003855

i updated the single options from the dropdown in the filetable and the animetable last night already. i had to sleep over how to apply the solution to the mass update form though as that is quite more tricky. i'Ve opted to implement a checkbox now to explicitly state that the user wants to set the non generic filestate. otherwise the generic filestate will have precedence for generic files.


2016-09-19 11:35

administrator   ~0003856

also note the main recent change was to include an icon for filestate on anime level. which is why you see the "other" icon in the first place. these were never shown before.

this was done so people who only use generic files for non file operations like having an actual dvd collection can see the state as well. instead of using fake stats using file settings.

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