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0002610HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-09-26 17:09
ReporterCDB-Man Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2016-10 
Summary0002610: Missing mylist state unknown icon on show=anime
DescriptionSeems that on show=anime in the eplist, the mylist storage state icon is missing if all files are state unknown:

8[13:19:42] Dagger: so on the topic of icons... it seems like we have no icon to indicate "file exists in mylist in unknown state" on show=anime now?
8[13:20:10] Dagger: and it's not just a lack of icon in my theme. there's nothing in the DOM to indicate that I have any files for that episode
7[13:20:21] @CDB-Man: that should be the question mark
7[13:20:32] @CDB-Man: eh?
8[13:20:42] Dagger: question mark is for mixed state (multiple files in different states)
8[13:20:54] Dagger: if all your files are in unknown state then there's nothing
7[13:21:07] @CDB-Man: hmm
7[13:22:06] @CDB-Man: wait, where exactly on show=anime are you expecting to see it?
8[13:22:14] Dagger: e.g.
8[13:22:20] Dagger: where the eye icon is
8[13:22:49] Dagger: you'll note that it's not very obvious that I have episode 2 in my list, at least from the episodes table
7[13:22:57] @CDB-Man: ---
7[13:23:17] @CDB-Man: hmm
7[13:23:21] @CDB-Man: in the eplist
7[13:23:55] @CDB-Man: okay, i see it now too
7[13:25:00] @CDB-Man:
8[13:25:08] Dagger: show=mylist shows the unknown state icon, just not show=anime (fun fact: I almost never use show=mylist. didn't even occur to me to check there)
8[13:26:19] Dagger: CDB-Man: yep, it's empty. there should be a <span class="i_icon i_state_unknown"/> or so in there
8[13:26:34] Dagger: or apparently it's an <a> tag on show=mylist, but same difference
7[13:26:53] @CDB-Man: Dagger: well since it's the dom as you said, that's a thing for derbaka to address
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2016-09-26 17:09

administrator   ~0003864

note this has _always_ been that way and was no recent change. episode layer on anime and mylist has always filtered state unknown. file level still does that.

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