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0002619ReportsFeature Request - Miscpublic2016-09-22 10:36
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Summary0002619: New user report: threads posted to and not subscribed to
DescriptionI tend to follow threads I reply to, but I'm not subscribed to every thread I have ever talked in due to several reasons (e.g. quick reply wouldn't automatically subscribe in the past), and this is at times something of an annoyance. I'd like a report for such threads, which should ideally:
* show the names of and link to: both the thread and the forum it's in;
* include a subscription button;
* include an indication of whether there are new posts, with a link to oldest unread post as well if feasible;
* exclude any threads the user has no permissions to read in the first place (e.g. in only-members-can-see-the-forum clubs they're no longer members of, etc).

I have a vague feeling this might be a resource-intensive report for people with many posts (yes, I'm talking about myself), so I'm also okay with implementing the feature another way with some sort of usage limitation (e.g. can only run in a scheduled fashion, like the mylist export).
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2016-09-22 06:39

administrator   ~0003859

You forgot a couple points:
- disregard posts in the trashbin
- ignore deleted posts/threads
- ignore closed threads



2016-09-22 10:36

reporter   ~0003860

I did consider those, actually, but threads may be reopened, and posts and threads may be undeleted or moved from the trashbin. Mods might even keep talking in a thread in the trashbin. Weighting everything, I concluded that, if the user has the appropriate permissions to see the thread, it should be fine to list it.

On the other hand, I can see why those might be a bother, especially to (forum) mods, so I guess we could have a version that includes that stuff and a more aggressive version that discards it? For the less aggressive one, markers for things such as "deleted thread", "all posts from me deleted", and "closed thread" might be useful. For being in the trashbin, the name of the forum should already be good enough a marker.

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