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0002621AJAX/JSFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-10-19 08:20
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Summary0002621: Increased visibility notifications for when you have unread PMs
DescriptionMaking this request as it seems a LOT of users, especially the more casual ones, don't even know that they are getting PM.

1a) when you login and see the "AniDB welcomes you" message and you have unread PM, there should also be a red warning box saying:

"You have XX unread private messages. Please check them out here and respond accordingly: [url]Private Message Inbox[/url]

The yellow bar at the top of the page also notifies you when you have unread private messages."

1b) A lightbox could also be used, with the same message, and two buttons saying "View now" and "Remind me later". "Remind me later" essentially does nothing, as they will be notified again when they login.

If possible, the remind me later should make it so that the lightbox will not popup on login again until 14 days after the remind me later button is pressed.

2) Make the PM notification bar more noticeable, by adding something like this at the end of the "NEW MESSAGES: There are 551 new messages in your inbox!" message. The red bubble in contract with the yellow bar will make it more noticable than just a yellow bar.
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