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0002640HTML & PERLBug Reportpublic2016-10-11 15:20
ReporterRF_InSAnE Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Product Version2016-09 
Fixed in Version2016-11 
Summary0002640: Unable to delete episodes I added after a user adds it to their mylist
DescriptionWhen I try to delete an episode I added and another user has in their mylist, I get an message saying that I can't delete the episode:
You may only delete a episode you added, if no other entries are using it!"

While it makes sense that I can't delete the episode myself, I find it strange that no CREQ is generated either, since that means I have no means of asking for an episode to be deleted other than sending a message to a mod.

I don't know if it matters, but I have "Ep Maintainer" rights, but no higher level mod rights.
I also have some language verifier rights (English, Dutch), but I doubt those have anything to do with this.
Steps To ReproduceNote: This may require an account with "Ep Maintainer" rights, but no higher level mod rights.

1. Add an episode
2. Have another user add this episode to his mylist
3. Click the "delete" button in the episode page
4. Get message saying "ACCESS DENIED You may only delete a episode you added, if no other entries are using it!"
5. Check the CREQs to see that no CREQ was created



2016-10-06 13:24

administrator   ~0003871

that is intentional and no bug.


2016-10-10 21:46

manager   ~0003874

As a side comment, eptb creq handle also cannot grant such eptb deletion creqs, so it won't accidentally happen that someone self grants his own otherwise-blocked ep deletion.

If the above is true, then is there another concern/reason for not allowing an ep maintainer any formal way (ie via creq) to request episode deletion? For what it's worth, I asked worf and he couldn't think of anything, either.

Ep maintainer should be able to creq any deletes they can't just self delete, unless you just consider this a rare case that would require special code/etc making it not worth it, or something.


2016-10-11 15:20

administrator   ~0003877

it's not intended for anyone below mod level to be able to delete episodes on their own. reason being that it's too easy to mess up users mylists. there are very few instances where episodes need to be deleted in the first place.

though everyone should see the request link.

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