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0002682HTML & PERLBug Reportpublic2016-11-24 17:14
Reporterbenu Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2016-12 
Summary0002682: Song Mass Add: "colour on anison-link match" tweaking
DescriptionThe anison-link match hilighting "malfunctions" upon multiple songs with the same name, rendering it not yet useful. As you can see in the picture, it marks every entry purple, instead of only the one with the perfect link hit.
Steps To Reproducemass add songs to any album

enter "7;Ready Go!;Ready Go!;4:26;" (used in this example) --> CSV (; separated) - with japanese title
Additional Information 2187
Tagsmassadd collection



2016-10-22 21:19


hit on anison link.JPG (75,129 bytes)   
hit on anison link.JPG (75,129 bytes)   

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