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0002691HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-11-24 13:37
ReporterCDB-Man Assigned ToDerIdiot  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2016-12 
Summary0002691: Admin Char Rel Page: encoding issue causing cutoff of descriptions on edit page when descriptions contain quotes
Description7[18:57:36] CDB-Man: okay so, tangentailly related
7[18:57:50] CDB-Man: when looking at the actions page of lets say char rels admin page, those are still text of course since you didnt do them, but anyways
7[18:58:09] CDB-Man: i saw that if you click edit, then the text field cuts off the descritption if there's a " in it
7[18:58:29] CDB-Man: ie for "consists of", if you go edit, it cuts off at " adds the relation"
7[18:58:43] CDB-Man: or.... it doesnt
7[18:59:03] CDB-Man: ... hmm, I saw it cut off for one of the entries
7[19:03:09] CDB-Man: found it
7[19:03:12] CDB-Man: check the relation "is the student of"
7[19:03:16] CDB-Man:
7[19:03:41] CDB-Man: go hit edit, and the description field goes to ---- A student at school, university or of a home teacher. With vice versa checked (should always be checked for this relation), adds the relation ---- and cuts off
7[19:04:27] CDB-Man: doesnt happen with all of the descs with quotes, just certain ones like that
7[19:08:26] CDB-Man: do you see it too?
8[19:10:17] !worf: will take a look in a bit
8[19:19:17] !worf: yeah, there is no html encoding being done
8[19:20:27] !worf: apparently some descriptions were added with the correct encoding
8[19:20:31] !worf: so those show up fine
8[19:20:44] !worf: but once you commit them again they also "break"
7[19:22:35] CDB-Man: interesting
8[19:26:52] !worf: wont fix that tonight
7[19:27:07] CDB-Man: did you want a ticket for it?
8[19:28:12] !worf: sure, add one
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