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0002709HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-11-24 15:23
ReporterCDB-Man Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2016-12 
Summary0002709: MyHint: show timestamp of when the list was last updated
DescriptionSee comments below. Per Ommina, the date the last individual hint was inserted would be the closest approximation to when the date was last updated. Show this date at the top of the page, for example right beside the Vote Based / Buddy Based buttons.

Sample text:
"Last generated: hh:mm:ss AM [UTC+0]"

7[00:12:51] CDB-Man: I do have 1 feature request -- print the generation time stamp at the top of the page, such as beside the "per votes / per buddies" button
8[00:14:51] !Ommina: That's perl. Don't try to drag me into perl.
7[00:15:21] CDB-Man: well, does your backend make the generation timestamp easily available? if yes, then i'll push the feature request to der baka
8[00:15:58] !Ommina: Sort of. It's a bit nebulous. There is the time an individual hint is inserted.
7[00:16:32] CDB-Man: "inserted" --- as in when 1 of 100 hints are inserted into the total list of hints?
8[00:16:33] !Ommina: Which is probably the close as you're going to get for a timestamp of the list as a whole.
7[00:16:51] CDB-Man: well, if we have last insertion date, then that would be close enough as an approximation
8[00:17:11] !Ommina: Yes.
8[00:18:29] !Ommina: For the purposes of "when was this list last updated" it works fine, which is what you're looking for, I presume.
7[00:18:36] CDB-Man: yes
7[00:18:58] CDB-Man: the idea is to be able to stale date the list
8[00:20:57] !Ommina: Fair enough.
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