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0002717HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-11-26 23:58
ReporterHinoe Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2016-12 
Summary0002717: Forum/PM/creq/etc: add parameter to [spoiler] tag
DescriptionIt is often hard to tell, simply from the context in which the [spoiler] tag is present, whether one can safely open the block, and once one has opened it, it's too late to figure it out. A parameter allowing the poster to specify what is in the spoiler tag would greatly improve this. Example cases:

[spoiler=Manga chapter 88]Blah[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Episode 10]Blah[/spoiler]

Drawing from the second example, instead of "Show spoiler" and "Hide spoiler", the button the reader has would be labeled "Show spoiler: Episode 10" and "Hide spoiler: Episode 10". The behavior of the tag without parameter would not change.

Obviously, it would be hard to enforce usage of the parameter, but it can be encouraged. Prompting the user to provide the parameter when pressing the button when writing in assisted/visual modes would be quite helpful in spreading it. If nothing is provided, the button would generate the same code as it currently does.
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