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0002766AJAX/JSBug Report - Interfacepublic2016-12-30 18:18
Reporterodesseiron Assigned ToDerIdiot  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2017-01 
Summary0002766: File list doesn't shrink when you expand group list
DescriptionWhen I expand the group list in a series' page and then select to expand the releases of a group that was not shown before, then I can't shrink that group's releases back.
Steps To Reproduce1. Press "Show All" groups
2. Press "+" in a group that was not shown before => the page refreshes and the groups list is once more compressed
3. Press "Show All" groups
4. The symbol at the left of the group you expanded before is a "+" and not a "-", event though its files are shown below.
5. If you press the "+" the list does not shrink
5a. If you now expand the releases of a group that's also not shown without pressing "Show All", the same thing happens.
5b. If you expand the releases of a group that is shown without pressing "Show All", it works right.
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2016-12-15 15:59

administrator   ~0003954

>1. Press "Show All" groups
>2. Press "+" in a group that was not shown before => the page refreshes and the groups list is once more compressed

no it does not. it expands just fine.


2016-12-16 00:05

reporter   ~0003955

@baka: I've seen this sort of behavior several times before. Broadly speaking, things that rely on javascript seem to sometimes break, for no apparent reason, and revert to an apparently javascriptless behavior when that happens. Maybe the js doesn't load or something?

My experience with it is that it seems to come at random, stay a while, and then also go at random. It appears to happen on some pages more often than on others, and it may sometimes fix itself via CTRL+F5 (but generally not).

I'm not sure there's anything server-side that could be causing it, and I don't think there's anything you can do to fix it, but neither do I know of any reason for the clients to choke on things like that. Personally, I blame solar flares. In any event, it's nigh impossible to reproduce properly because it's so damn random, so even if there's a bug somewhere on your end, it would be hard to fix it.

@odesseiron: If it's still happening, try a CTRL+F5. If you're lucky, the issue will go away. If not, it'll (probably) go away eventually; here, it usually takes a few days/weeks. If you can afford the annoyance, you might want to also try clearing your cache, but no guarantees.


2016-12-16 01:19

administrator   ~0003956

that is not useful information at all. at least have the decency and report the entry in question and check the error console with f12


2016-12-16 05:49

reporter   ~0003957

^On my end, it does this in every entry I visit which has groups that can be seen by pressing Show All. Also, I realised today that even if I compress the files shown below (regardless of which group they belong to) and press F5, the files of the first group I chose are still expanded.

@Hinoe: Pressing Ctrl+F5 didn't change anything. I'll erase my cache, cookies etc in case it gets fixed but I can't do that right now. I'll inform you and Deridiot when I do.


2016-12-16 09:35

reporter   ~0003958

Nope. Reset everything except passwords and it's still the same.


2016-12-16 09:48

administrator   ~0003959

you could have mentioned that it only happens when it has to load _additional_ rows. the loading icon is right there. just unfolding works just fine


2016-12-16 11:33

reporter   ~0003960

I honestly have no idea what you're describing anymore, but since it looks like deridiot understood, I guess that's fine.

@baka: I'll look at the error console the next time I see that; thanks for the tip.


2016-12-16 11:43

administrator   ~0003961

it's misleading to talk of "all" entries here. this only affect anime where there are more than 50 groups listed. if there are then the code fetches more data from the backend instead of just unhiding the existing data from html via css. in these cases the expand event was not applied on the newly added entries, but is now.

this shows again why it is important to be precise when reporting bugs. i had to randomly open anime pages until i found one where it applied and i could trigger the issue. "something is broken" is kinda hard to track.


2016-12-16 12:57

administrator   ~0003962

for reference for a previously affected entry:

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