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0002770HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-12-27 15:00
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Summary0002770: Adv. char search: add field for charanimerel type

I think it'd be interesting to add more functionality to the char search by allowing the user to filter out chars that don't meet a given criterion of relevance to at least one show. For example, if a search returns 300 hits, but I'm looking for a character that is important to a show, I may want to restrict the search so that it doesn't show walk-on parts. This might cut my hypothetical search to 50 results, greatly enhancing my ability to find the character I'm looking for. This is particularly useful with char tags whose number of tagged characters is in the four digits; checking 1000 or 2000 characters individually is downright impossible, but if I could divide the number by 10 or 20 simply by removing those that aren't main cast, that would start to look vaguely feasible.

Quoting myself on the thread: "the idea here isn't to allow you to see all the main cast [i.e. all characters that are main cast in some show or another], but to allow you to potentially search for shows with at least one main character with a specific trait".

The charanimerel type should probably have the four default options, plus the following cumulative ones: "main or secondary", "any except cameo", and "any"/"ignore".

The thread originated two tickets; I'm about to also add the other one. Again quoting myself: putting them together, "you could potentially do something like this: list all Wakamoto Norio roles (as the character's main seiyuu) where his character is at least secondary cast in the show and plays the guitar".
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