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0002782HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2017-01-07 19:10
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Summary0002782: Exclude specific threads from forum subscriptions / thread "blacklist"
DescriptionLet's assume, for the sake of the argument, that I am subscribed to the Games forum [1] but couldn't care less about Final Fantasy. Because I am subscribed to the forum, I'll get subscription messages for the Final Fantasy thread [2], which happens to be rather high-profile. This may be bothersome after a while, but there is no way to not be notified of posts to that thread other than removing the whole forum subscription to the Games forum, which may be a problem to me, as I may want to be notified of new threads in it. The same logic can be extended to numerous other specific high-profile threads in several forums, especially the "general-purpose" ones in the main page of the board.

I was considering that a good way of no longer being bothered by such threads would be by "blacklisting" them. We can already something extremely similar do with groups we don't care about: anime notifications will not trigger for files from blacklisted groups. From the user's point of view, the thread subscription exclusion / "blacklist" would work similarly to the thread subscription.

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