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0002805HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-02-04 22:31
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Summary0002805: Tagged entities filtered by relation to another entity: add information concerning the related entity, "return to entity" button
DescriptionI believe this applies only to tagged chars/eps related to anime, i.e. the two links below, but I'm making the idea as generic as possible.


They should show some information related to the related entity (anime), at the very least the name, and a "return to entity" ("return to anime") button.

Attached is a (horribly ugly) concept pic (top: current; bottom: idea; differences shown with a red box for convenience) crafted from (chars tagged "tsundere" linked to S;G)

An idea to the info about the related entity would be to show it there as it would appear in its entity list (with whatever columns the user chose for that list). So, instead of the "Related Anime: Steins;Gate" bit, I'd see the animelist entry for S;G as I'd see it in the anime list itself.
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2017-02-04 22:31


relatedanime_tag.png (50,555 bytes)   
relatedanime_tag.png (50,555 bytes)   

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