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0002808HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-02-10 06:14
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Summary0002808: Creator page (show=creator&creatorid=XYZ), under seiyuu work: add charanimerel type column
DescriptionTake, for example, Wakamoto:

Currently, for any character we have credits for Wakamoto in the DB, you can see the character's name and every anime it appears in with his voice; for example, Charles zi Britannia has both CG and CGR2 to his side. However, you're not entitled to being told the type of relation between Emperor Wakamoto and his anime without open the pages for those entities first, which severely limits the usefulness of the page when you're trying to, say, figure out what other character you can remember sounding the very same as one from whatever you're watching now (because you're less likely to remember minor roles).

The "show main roles only" link ( helps filter the list down a little by limiting to main and secondary, but it ultimately doesn't solve this problem -- what if I want to see the minor roles and know that they are minor or to tell main apart from secondary? Etc.
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