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0002811HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2017-03-29 14:08
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Summary0002811: CREQ: DEL creq not issued on user triggered conversion of text cast to link to character entry
DescriptionNo DEL creq issued for text cast, if user manually edits text cast to link it to a character. This is in addition to the fact that the regular user conversion process is generally cumbersome (see steps below).

Suggestion: create a 1-click conversion button similar to the mod convert button instead. It should create the char entry, create the charanimerel entry, link the seiyuu, and issue a DEL creq for the text cast.

DEL creq should prepopulate a creq message: "NOTICE TO MOD: this is a text cast conversion, a character entry was added using during convert as follows: [url=]ch11111[/url]
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a new char not linked to the anime containing the text cast
2. Go to the anime and edit the text cast
3. Uncheck "virtual" character, search for the newly created character, set relation type (ie appears in), hit edit.
4. charanimerel is properly added, linking new character to the anime and the creator, but:
-- a) no DEL creq issued to delete the old text cast
-- b) "access denied" lowercase error message is the screen output
Additional Information7[22:53:05] @CDB-Man: DerIdiot: is it possible to make a user text credit convert tool that will trigge a creq for conversion? if no then i wont bother filing a tracker entry
8[23:23:03] *DerIdiot: that exists already
*** Note to reader, what CDB actually meant to say was a "text cast convert tool", not "text credit"
7[23:31:35] @CDB-Man: eh?
7[23:33:03] @CDB-Man: hmm, whereabout then
8[23:39:42] +zero: added a character and selected it on the 'edit relation' page for the text entry, unchecked virtual and clicked "edit"; got an "permission denied" but entry looks fine now *shrug*
7[23:45:04] @CDB-Man: well, i can see that the old text credit [cast*] still exists
8[23:45:20] +zero: right
7[23:46:14] @CDB-Man: when you added the char, did you add the seiyuu at the same time too?
8[23:46:28] +zero: no
8[23:47:12] +zero: did use add character without animeid
7[23:47:18] @CDB-Man: so it linked the seiyuu without also issuing a del creq for the text credit [cast*] it seems, potential bug found
8[23:49:53] +zero: mmm, actually "access denied"
7[23:52:37] @CDB-Man: yup, i replicate the same thing on devint
7[23:59:41] @CDB-Man: i wonder if we are all doing something wrong, and baka is laughing at us in the background
8[23:59:53] +zero: probably
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2017-03-29 14:07

reporter   ~0003998

A 1-click conversion button for common users is just ASKING for even MORE empty character entries, especially those for the likes of 少女A. We have too many of them already. I vehemently oppose such a suggestion. It's fine for creators because a mod has to check the adds first, but characters simply go through; bad idea.

For cast assignments, I'm fairly sure that what the mod button does is delete the textcredit and recreate the relation anew anyway, so it's probably fine for users to do it that way. Which obviously isn't to say that the bug described here should stay without being addressed.

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