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0002815HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-02-18 09:51
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Summary0002815: show=addtagentityrel: include "deleted" tab with "history" (do.showhistov=1) links for deleted tags
DescriptionThis is part 2 of a 2-part request. Part 1 is at 0002814. The request is divided in 2 parts because they are essentially different things, though each part only achieves its complete usefulness when the other is also implemented; I envision them as a set.

In some circumstances, tags deleted by mods (in current or previous systems) have important data in their history in a creq that doesn't show up in the history tab (think revoked). So long as the tag is in place, all is fine. Then it gets deleted and boom, no more access to that information, unless you're lucky enough to have another creq for the same tagentityrel lying around in the history; good luck finding the correct tagentityreltb (or worse, agenntb/etc) id to look it up yourself.

Currently, this is doubly annoying for older systems because e.g. changes in category id are not being displayed in the tag history at all, as described in the other request. This makes the old agenntb/etc information doubly important.
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