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0002824HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2017-02-26 21:37
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Summary0002824: Replying to creqs does not make you owner if you're maintainer only for the same?
DescriptionUntil recently, while dealing with creqs, I've noticed that answering creqs where you're maintainer does not assign you automatically as owner - probably due to the fact that you have to be CREQ Handler for the same tb? I've noticed that that does not happen with animegrouptb creqs when I reply to them. Another thing is that you can't ignore grant creqs either if you don't assign the creq to yourself first.

What would be great is to have those options enabled by default for those with maintainer classes, with corresponding tbs. For example, Character Maintainer to have chartb, charreltb, charnametb, etc., Tag Maintainer to have tagdatatb, tagentityreltb, tagnametb, tagreltb, etc.

Less clutter with secondary classes that way as well.
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