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0002860HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-04-21 14:38
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Summary0002860: Forum/creq/PM/etc: add a tag for inline spoilers
DescriptionSpoiler tags work well for full paragraphs. To hide single words, however, they're unwieldy and annoying, especially when you need to use them multiple times over in a single paragraph; it ends up being better to pointlessly spoiler-tag a full paragraph.

A solution for this is a tag for inline spoiler. For the time being, I'm calling it "[hidden]", as a temporary name. See the steps to reproduce for an example text, along with a description of the expected behavior. The following CSS is more or less how I envision this to work, complemented by some JS to flip between the two classes on click; replace the border color with whatever color the text font uses in each stylesheet.

.inlinespoiler {
    color: transparent;
    border-bottom: 1px #333 dotted;

.showninlinespoiler {
    border-bottom: 1px #333 dotted;
Steps To ReproduceExample text:

The story was very interesting until [hidden]Judas betrayed Jesus by handing him to the authorities[/hidden]. Man, that was such a dick move on the author's part... Then it only went downhill from there, until [hidden="episode 12"]Jesus was crucified[/hidden]. What the hell, man! And then there was all that bullshit in episode 13 about [hidden]his resurrection[/hidden]; this is so old and overused...

Expected behavior:

The tagged text is hidden, with only a dotted "underlining" border being show. Additionally, right after "Then it only went downhill from there, until", write "(hidden: last episode)" out in a smaller font size or something similar. On click, show the hidden text, but keep the border, by switch between the two classes.
Additional InformationI understand that mobile browsers set :hover when tapping, so that might work for mobile. I'm not too sure about using that as a desktop solution, though; I'd rather not see people accidentally hovering over spoilers all the time. Clicking should probably be the way to go about it. I'm not sure how to behave differently in desktop and mobile, and I would wager that catering to desktop is the priority.

A master per-post switch that shows/hides all the inline spoilers in a post would also be helpful when a single post uses tons of those, assuming it's not too hard to implement.

This tag should not cascade; "[hidden]blah [hidden]blah2[/hidden] etc[/hidden]" should be considered wrong behavior. Unlike regular spoilers, inline spoilers are not intended to be used that way. I'm not sure how to handle that, though.
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