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0002904HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2017-07-20 22:27
ReporterHinoe Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2017-08 
Summary0002904: User stats: also update on occasion if stats are not stale but mylist is
DescriptionLet's assume a user adds tons of data but rarely or never updates their list. As it is, it doesn't look like their stats are getting updated very often, if ever. This causes a misleading situation where it looks like the user added a lot less data than they actually did because their stats never update. Forcing the user to pseudo-update their lists with potentially bogus data if they want to see their data add stats update is a bit weird and I think also rather wrong. Changes to the user's stats should happen eventually simply by those data adds. The same applies if the user's adds are removed.

This is obviously a lower priority in terms of updates when compared to mylist changes, so I think updating the user's stats that way only once every week or two, or even once a month, would be enough. More importantly, this update should only be triggered if the user actually needs it, i.e. if the user's data isn't stale and they haven't been serviced by the usual mylist-based update that runs twice a day. I guess the same implementation used for the mylist-based stats update would do the trick here, except with different timings and removing the user from the adds-based queue if they get added to the mylist-based one? Something like that.
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