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0002983HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-08-06 19:27
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Summary0002983: Remove/replace "Remove ___ from your buddies"
DescriptionI would like to suggest removing the "Remove ___ from your buddies" quick action which is present in both the userpage of someone in one's buddy list, and also in the left pane of every post/comment in the forum by a user in one's buddy list, replacing that quick action with an something that does not result in a lost buddy if accidentally clicked, or adding a pop-up confirmation dialogue confirming "Are you sure you want to remove ____ from your buddies?", similar to the warning that appears when granting DEL creqs.

There is a discussion thread about this feature request here:

This is my first issue report. If I did something wrong, please don't get mad at me.
Steps To Reproduce1. Add amyadzuki as a buddy.
2. Don't try to reproduce anything, just give amy a hug.
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2017-08-06 17:18

administrator   ~0004081

what if i don't want to hug them?


2017-08-06 19:27

reporter   ~0004084

I'm sorry, but rules are rules! It's hug or no bug! ヽ(*´^`)ノ

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