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0003019AJAX/JSBug Report - Miscpublic2018-04-10 21:58
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Summary0003019: "Mass add" episode number parser fails on some very obvious cases
DescriptionParser fails to get episode numbers from ed2k link with a filenames like "Name XX.mkv". After some experimenting i found that "Name XX (A).mkv" or "Name XX [A].mkv" works, while "Name XX A.mkv" dont, it seems like a parser now expects a mandatory "bracket" part after episode number. This is a regression, it was working with filenames like this 0000005:0000003 month ago.

Also, any variation of a file name were episode number is a first thing like "XX Anything.mkv" doesnt work, i think it was like this always, but lately this naming scheme became popular.
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has duplicate 0003174 closedDerIdiot v2 in filename are not parsed correctly anymore on massadd files 



2017-10-28 15:01

administrator   ~0004121

Last edited: 2017-10-28 15:02

provide the links in question. also be awarew there is no point in trying to support every format possible, because it just isn't possible. a format should have a sufficient amounts of usage for implementation s any change evne if so minor is likely to break something else. it's effin regex afterall with a wideset of appliance


2017-10-28 16:15

reporter   ~0004123

Here are examples of ed2k link that parser was unable to get episode number from
ed2k://|file|Boku 01.mkv|232298886|75C1BF0458E6F6BAEAB84B853947E940|/
ed2k://|file|Dino Mech Gaiking - 1x01 - Episode 1.mkv|1159160308|F8D4E0B3C39753C9EF0419F7EF391F1E|/
ed2k://|file|Yuri!!! on Ice - 12 END (BD 1920x1080 x.264 FLACx2).mkv|1753209171|CCF1233B06DF288E1A63908F72AE2BA2|/
ed2k://|file|Kuroko's Basketball 51 I'm Just Playing As Hard As I Can (BD1080p AC3 8bit).mkv|860705836|75C7CD902E0A6DDCBAFBB5310EABFC57|/
ed2k://|file|[geod] THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - 01v2 [BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC][14F4DC2A].mkv|995208488|69702989C7636DF289347D35B4A32BFD|/
ed2k://|file|13 - World Without Malevolence.ass|30009|A57DD9BE6D195884AF952786F4E09B0F|/

I am almost sure that similar ones to all of them except the last worked just a few month ago. I recall the last one never worked, but files named like this were very rare before DmonHiro popularized it :(


2017-10-28 18:20

administrator   ~0004124

the whole pool of known and supported permutations isn't known. so poking the parser can lead to fun sideeffects. as laserpanda requested a change of the nature a month or 2 ago this is likely the case.


2017-11-09 16:58

reporter   ~0004132

Contiuned 0002982

Problems with most files that have groups names with a dash.

[U-Q] Space Runaway Ideon - 39.mkv[U-Q][P-N][P-O]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Pyramid of Light (HD 720p) [F-R][E038A9A1].mkv[F-R][M-L]


2018-02-17 19:37

reporter   ~0004199

but if there's no versioning in filename, it works. So:

don't work 001v2
works 001


2018-02-17 21:33

reporter   ~0004200

Deridiot, if you don't have time for this can you post current regexp? I may try to do something about it.

Or maybe just revert to a state prior to september? It wasn't perfect, but it was much better than a current one.

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