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0003021HTML & PERLBug Report - Databasepublic2017-11-03 03:18
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Summary0003021: Tags: URL-updating actions for animetb tab of tag page of tags blocked from anime lose the reltb=animetb param
DescriptionSee steps to reproduce.
Steps To ReproduceGo to any char/ep tag blocked on anime such as or
Click the anime tab: or
Try sorting by clicking on the table headers and get sent to chartb/eptb.
Look at the URL and realize it's suddenly missing the reltb=animetb param.
Return to the anime tab and try updating your filters.
See that the result is again missing reltb=animetb, causing you to get sent to chartb/eptb again.
Go to a version with the order bar on: or
Do whatever on the order bar and submit.
Get sent to chartb/eptb once again, and once again see that the URL is missing reltb=animetb.
Shake fists at the screen and blame those damn aliens.
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