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0003029CSSFeature Request - Interfacepublic2020-04-09 02:01
ReporterHinoe Assigned To 
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Summary0003029: Anime List: allow/force wrapping on "Rank by Favourites/Popularity/Rating" headers
DescriptionPlease allow, or if necessary force, the "Rank by Favourites/Popularity/Rating" headers of the anime list (and other lists where they are available, if any) to wrap into two lines, as is done for "Related Characters" and "Related Episodes" in the tag page. They're currently taking waaaay too much space and may fuck up the columns under some circumstances, especially when all three are used.

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related to 0003210 new Sidebar: table and info block overlap when table is too large 
related to 0003425 new Tag entry page, for the anime entries page the anime table is cut off 


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