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0003038HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-11-25 13:42
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Summary0003038: File massadd: extend "apply to all" via "apply to selected" and include eprange, epno, version
DescriptionPlease see attached mockup.

Intended changes:

- Release date "apply to all" becomes "apply to selected". This much should be simple.
- Epno and version also take "apply to selected" (related: 0003003 for version). Again simple.
- In the mockup, all columns that should apply to selected files need to be actually selected; their content is otherwise ignored. After finishing the mockup, I realized that having an "apply to selected" button for each column instead is less obtuse and a lot cleaner, but I had done the mockup that way and changing it again was too much of a bother, so I'm just describing the change here. :P
- Eprange setting works by selecting a first and last files, setting the intended first and last epno in the "ep range" column, and having a range between them that has the EXACT same amount of episodes and of files. If there are e.g. 3 files and 4 episodes, I believe the user should see some sort of error. The idea here is to alleviate the issue when episode detection breaks, as seen in 0002982 and 0003019, at least to an extent.
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2017-11-25 13:42


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mockup.png (26,316 bytes)   

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