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0003059HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2017-12-27 16:58
ReporterHinoe Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Fixed in Version2018-01 
Summary0003059: Anime list: "random anime from among these results" link
DescriptionThe random anime link (?show=anime&do.random=1) could conceivably receive a few optional filters; I'm sure a "random non-18+ movie not in wish-, black-, or mylist" could be somewhat more useful than "really any anime at random" to many people. The problem is, the user needs to be able to feed settings to the random anime algorithm every time.

I realized that the anime list could solve this by providing a link to select a random anime _from among the current results_. That way, the user would first filter the anime list in the intended way and then click the random anime button provided by that page, which would call ?show=anime&do.random=1&FILTERING_PARAMS, which would select a random anime from that list. For that, the random anime algorithm needs to handle every filtering parameter that the anime list accepts.

For example, a random porn anime would be found by sending a request to ?show=anime&do.random=1&h=2, which would be available as a link in the animelist page when you're looking at ?show=animelist&h=2.

To avoid abuse, there should be a minimum number of results before you have the button, and triggering that link at all should only be possible if the button would show up (if there aren't enough anime, trying to access the link should generate an error). I guess something like 20 anime sounds good for that. Also, it should obviously count towards the random anime throttling just the same; in fact, to avoid abuse, maybe it should even count as two hits.

Additionally, if you want one result and only one, you might as well skip the anime list entirely; as such, in ?show=search, the "Page to search in" setting should also allow "random anime" as a choice.
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