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0003132AniDB HTTP APIFeature Requestpublic2018-02-12 17:58
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Summary0003132: Quota HTTP API for clients to help horror Rate limits
DescriptionTo avoid problems with restrictions which resulting in a ban, create endpoint to retrieve current quota information for the requester IP.

This should exclude in the future any over-usage of rate-limited API's and provide for client information they can use.

Basic scenario:
- several clients started in a network, which in summary makes a lot of requests which leads to BAN. As those clients r not connected to each other, they penetrate rate limit for NAT IP.
- software lost local track of downloaded titles.xml file and re-downloaded it again.
- shared IP
- software bugs in RateLimiters/design; information about available quota can simplify verification process

With new API, clients can make decision from a off. API and honor limits per IP
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