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0003135ReportsFeature Request - Miscpublic2018-02-24 22:50
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Summary0003135: MyList Report: Unwatched S/C/T/O/P Episodes in MyList
DescriptionThe Mylist filter "partially watched" will tell you for which anime in mylist you have downloaded an S/C/T/O/P episode file, but have not yet watched it. Please convert this into a report, that will provide a breakdown of the files in these episodes.

17:30:36 @CDB-Work> worf: do we have a report that will tell me, in mylist, any anime where i did not watch ALL files including specials? for example, per mylist i own "13/13+36" eps for Sketchbook (a5186), but I've only watched "13/13 (+0)"
17:33:40 &worf> not really
17:33:55 &worf> you can have "unwatched files" and "unwatched episodes somewhere in the middle"
17:36:31 @CDB-Work> hmm
17:36:38 &worf> you are better of with mylist filters
17:37:07 @CDB-Work> > unwatched episodes somewhere in the middle <-- this is a currently existing report?
17:37:16 &worf> yes?
17:37:21 @CDB-Work> ah, it was under episodes
17:37:22 @CDB-Work> not files
17:38:00 @CDB-Work> hmm, unwatched files report way too big to be useful
17:38:27 @CDB-Work> unwatched in middle of series doesnt capture S eps it looks
17:40:12 @CDB-Work> hmm, it looks like "partially watched" mylist filter gets what i want
17:41:37 @CDB-Work> would it be difficult to convert that filter into a report, worf? one that ideally showed the files, so that i can export such a report to csv
17:43:57 &worf> no idea
17:44:10 &worf> and i wouldnt hold my breath while waiting for me to add such a report
17:44:53 @CDB-Work> i will add it to the tracker then, and for now use the filters
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