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0003156HTML & PERLBug Reportpublic2020-01-17 19:36
ReporterHinoe Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Summary0003156: Tag names: modediting the main tag name via creq edit interface does not update the entry's date or register the creq comment

Main name date: 2015-09-03. Click history. Latest edit: 2018-03-16. Creq for the edit:

I issued this edit via creq edit interface for and wrote a comment when I did so, but the comment was not added and had to be included manually later.

I made a few tests on devint and got the following results. This applies only to change to the tag name; editing the creq description via the same interface makes all happen as expected. It only happens via creq edit interface; editing the name it via the normal tag edit page (or via the add tag names page) works as expected. It happens regardless of whether the creq being edited is a tagreltb one (as in this case) or a tagdatatb one.

I haven't tested what will happen if the user edits his own creq to issue a creq or owneredit (as applicable) to the name.

Please note that the ability for creq issuer, maintainers, and mods to edit a separate part of the tag while the creq is pending (e.g. edit tagdatatb while pending tagreltb) is actually useful when handling creqs that require further edits. I'm not sure this is an intended possibility, but if not, it should be kept, as it's good.
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