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0003172HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2018-04-09 17:04
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Summary0003172: Add a quick "mark as watched" action to the notification view
DescriptionCurrently, the notification view has an "Actions" column with (at least) two options: "Add to mylist" (which opens the "Add file to your MyList" form at "/perl-bin/$anime&eid=$episode&fid=$file") and "ED2k Link".

I'd like to propose a new "Mark as watched" options which does the same as the "Have you seen this Anime?" section in the details page; or more precisely when entering the episode number (which is known in the notification list), selecting the watch state (which can be preset in options) and clicking "Yes, up through episode". This is meant as a quick-action that shouldn't require too much (or any, aside from the click) user interaction to quickly go through a list of notifications that have been met recently (or will be shortly).

It should (probably? thoughts/suggestions appreciated) do the following:
- Mark the shown episode as watched, then (if necessary) redirect back to the notification page.
- Similar to any other interaction it should mark the notification as read; which (in combination with the first item/redirect) leaves me either with the next unread notification (if any) or the "You have no new notifications currently" landing page (if none).
- Optionally, we should be able to configure if we want the same behavior as the "Yes, up through episode" button (which marks the "generic file" entry as watched) or the currently shown and/or selected file by group $group which the "Mark as watched" button belongs to (which the "Add to MyList" form would do). I'm fine with the former ("generic file"), but since the info is there on the page someone might want to use it.

It should explicitly *NOT* do any of the following (to achieve a one-click-done user experience for this quick action):
- Open another form that requires me to do more inputs (such as changing the watched state and watched-on date in the "Add to mylist" form).
- Redirect me to the Anime detail page (which may take a long time to load if you pick a long running series such as One Piece; especially because the "Yes, up through episode" button appears _after_ the episode list and thus has to load first).
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