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0003177HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2018-04-11 14:41
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PlatformAny BrowserOSOpenSuSE LinuxOS Version42.3
Summary0003177: Anime Timeline occasionally misplaces ranges blocks, including future dates
DescriptionOccasionally some range blocks in user Timeline get misplaced noticeably mismatching the time scale. (often to the next month, days are not matching either). Better illustrated by images attached with timelines and corresponding My List Dates.
Misplacing doesn't seem to fix with time - check Aiura in my list from screen - it's still placed in middle of September, start date of 20 August - end date 02 September.
I often manually reset start date to earlier value to get block properly displaying title, but it doesn't seem to affect issue. (Happens for fully autogenerated ranges as well)
Steps To Reproduce1. Have many entries with watch date ranges in mylist
2. ???
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2018-04-11 12:11


Screenshot_20180411_143108.png (31,374 bytes)   
Screenshot_20180411_143108.png (31,374 bytes)   
Screenshot_20170922_180409.png (9,350 bytes)   
Screenshot_20170922_180409.png (9,350 bytes)   
Screenshot_20170922_180544.png (47,745 bytes)   
Screenshot_20170922_180544.png (47,745 bytes)   
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Screenshot_20180411_145734.png (40,052 bytes)   

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