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0003188HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2018-05-29 20:29
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Summary0003188: Groups: add explicit is_dead flag for dead groups without known death date
DescriptionState of affairs: the only way to indicate that a group is dead is to set the death date.

Issue: such dates are often completely obscure (even the year), which means we have many dead groups without even any form of death date. Groups that haven't released anything in many years, yet are "alive" for all AniDB knows, are too common. Those groups are quite evidently dead, but we don't know when their deaths happened; as a result, we can't input the fact they died into the DB in any shape or form.

Existent workaround: adding that information to the description. That's a very subpar workaround that doesn't fix the problem where it really matters (that information is also available elsewhere, e.g. released section of anime page, where those groups appear as alive).

Solution: have an explicit flag tied to that information; let's call that flag "is_dead". Setting any form of death date, complete or incomplete, would automatically set the flag, but it would also be manually settable; the net effect is a second way of declaring group death, irrespective of knowing the date.

***TL;DR:*** add is_dead flag so that we can declare a group dead even if we have no idea when it died because it was like eons ago.
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2018-05-25 00:04

reporter   ~0004230

Wiki page will need to be updated to reflect policy on inactivity time-frame for Groups (no update via website/IRC/official release channel) to be considered 'dead'.

If this is implemented, it should also help accurate creating reports where a 1. group have 'is_dead flag' set + 2. release state set to 'stalled'.
That way, there will be more up-to-date release information. And help to submit release state change creqs for such groups (no updates over X years via website/IRC/official release channel).


2018-05-26 00:05

administrator   ~0004231

Last edited: 2018-05-26 00:06

no it won't. a release may very well be "stalled", because it's incomplete in anidb. extrapolating from a stalled release ona dead group that the release was canned is wrong on so many levels

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