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0003192Other SystemsOtherpublic2018-06-27 19:33
ReporterCDB-Man Assigned Toworf  
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Summary0003192: KiwiIRC: fails to connect due to "ETIMEDOUT" and "CGI:IRC -- No access" Errors
DescriptionQuite often, when trying to connect you either get an "ETIMEDOUT" error or a "Error Connecting (Closing Link: [] (CGI:IRC -- No access))" error. If you spam the connect button enough, it will eventually connect.

Some quick Googling finds this related looking issue:

Excerpt of Chrome console logs:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()
kiwi.min.js?v=2&b=4:1 _kiwi.gateway.socket.on('open')

Object reason:"ENOTFOUND"
Object reason:"ENOTFOUND"
Object reason:"ENOTFOUND"

attributes:{connection_id: 61, nick: "CDB-Work", address: "", port: "7001", ssl: true, …}
auto_join:{channel: "#anidb", key: ""}
changed:{connected: false}
gateway:EventComponent {on: ƒ, once: ƒ, off: ƒ, trigger: ƒ, stopListening: ƒ, …}
ignore_list:s {length: 0, models: Array(0), _byId: {…}, network_address: "", ignore_data: s, …}
panels:s {length: 1, models: Array(1), _byId: {…}, network: s, _events: {…}, …}
_events:{change:name: Array(1), change:connection_id: Array(1)}
_previousAttributes:{connection_id: 61, nick: "CDB-Work", address: "", port: "7001", ssl: true, …}
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2018-06-07 05:46

reporter   ~0004238

also encountered "CGI:IRC -- No access" error many times before.


2018-06-27 19:33

administrator   ~0004247

And I'm supposed to do what exactly about this? We are neither running Kiwi locally nor are we running the irc server.

There is nothing that can be done on our end.

Go talk to the SynIRC and Kiwi people yourself.

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